World wide web of lies traps celebs

Recent trend of celebrity death hoaxes reveals the downside of the instantaneous nature of the internet and reckless potential of social media.

Celebs raise bar to plastic standard

In our society, we are told that if we work hard enough for something, we can achieve it. Who knew that the rich and famous would come to understand this illustrious set of desirables to include rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, liposuction and a laundry list of other cosmetic surgeries only a sliver of America’s upper crust […]

Burning calories, if you know what I mean

CNN published a story at the beginning of January outlining the possible health advantages of having sexual intercourse. These benefits will soon be revealed in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. And just like a captivated puppy, every college student in the country just perked up one ear. The article said that people who have frequent […]

Charity can’t be a special occasion

Last week, Haiti experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, followed by incessantly large aftershocks. The prime minister of Haiti says more than 70,000 deaths have been recorded, with early estimates placing the death toll above 200,000 people. To put that into perspective, the death toll from Hurricane Katrina was 1,836. […]

Letters to the Editor

Facilities available for special diets Danielle Nismov’s article “Dining options fail to meet special dietary needs” (Jan. 13, 2010) prompts me to remind students there is a vegetarian meal plan option available at the USC Honors House Residence, located at 2710 Severance St.  The Honors House is the only USC residence hall in North University […]

Palin’s arrival to Fox News a curious move

After conceding the vice presidential ticket, resigning as governor of Alaska and reflecting on her life in Going Rogue, Sarah Palin is back. Just when we thought the firestorm of Palin-centric jokes had been doused with the passing of time, Palin has reclaimed the media’s attention, this time under some very interesting circumstances. Earlier this […]