Letter to the editor

Fixing “Take Back the Night”   As a junior at USC, I have been around three years of the Women’s Student Assembly and the Center for Women and Men’s admirable, weeklong effort designed to raise awareness about sexual violence. As a brother of a beautiful sister, son of a beautiful mother, a friend of many […]

Springfest, Relay need to coordinate dates

Springfest is what brings us together. It is that glorious time of year when every non-Californian USC student can pretend he is on The O.C. assuming the show was ever edgy enough to land a performer like T-Pain. The annual attraction is eagerly awaited by students because of the food, comraderie and performances. Unless, of […]

Letter to the editor

College lessons I’ve learned   Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself is a book by Alan Alda I bought when the actor came to campus as part of Visions & Voices, and it encompasses some of the most valuable lessons I have learned in college. Lesson No. 1: No one gets to be at […]

Letter to the editor

Viral emails need attention   On March 8, several friends and I learned about what’s now known as the “Kappa Sigma email.” We were appalled and frustrated by the administration’s decision to await Kappa Sigma’s own internal investigation before taking action. Moreover, we were frustrated by what we see as a culture of misogyny, not […]

Drilling proposal must make safety a priority

April of last year was shaping up to be just another normal month. The weather was warming up. We were preparing for finals. Larry King had just left his seventh wife. And suddenly, there was that really big oil spill, the one that killed 11 workers, thousands of friendly sea creatures and potentially one million […]