She is Fierce

Andrea Klick


Andrea Klick is a sophomore writing about women’s identities. Her column, “She is Fierce,” typically runs every other Monday.

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She is Fierce: JK Rowling’s transphobia shows the value of inclusive language
Looking back on history, some major social changes came from our greatest challenges.“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling’s most recent viral transphobic tweet and essay show why minor linguistic nuances can significantly impact the general population’s mindset around the LGBTQ community.

She is Fierce: The coronavirus is not the ‘great equalizer.’ Not yet, anyway
Looking back on history, some major social changes came from our greatest challenges.

She is Fierce: The feminist movement must move forward with its inclusivity
It seems impossible to just stand for women’s rights and not take into account or try to educate oneself on the needs of other underrepresented groups and make sure activists who identify with those groups have a seat at the table.

She is Fierce: Coronavirus pandemic amplifies gender, financial inequality
Universities’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic emphasizes the need for more lenient practices, even when things go back to “normal.”

She is Fierce: Gender should not play a role in a candidate’s electability
Like many American voters, my friends considered Warren’s electability as a female candidate over their views on her policies and principles.

She is Fierce: Growing into the woman I am today
After learning about women’s triumphs during the suffrage movement, the sexual revolution and decades of civil rights work in history classes, I saw sexism as antiquitous.