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New online media streaming platforms challenge Netflix

It’s an interesting time for streaming media, both in the level of competitiveness and the possible legal trauma associated with it. With the competition becoming more serious, companies are trying to get exclusive content to entice the masses. The biggest acquisition of late was Amazon obtaining the rights to classic HBO shows, the first time […]

E-book trend doesn’t lessen joy of reading

They are easily downloadable, cheap — if not free — and highly portable for those settling in on a long plane ride. And though no one’s quite sure when they first arrived, e-books have confounded the publishing world since they first reached mainstream success in 2007, when Amazon unveiled its Kindle e-reader. For bibliophiles, the […]

Writers can lose old fans with new works

Much like the way a live performer might have to take the stage following a co-star’s brilliant performance, a successful writer might have to contend with following a tough act — with one difference. They have only themselves to blame. Though many aspiring creators imagine that achieving mainstream success will put an end to all […]

New iPhone not for everyone

Apple has been up to a lot recently. In addition to releasing the iOS 6 update with a revamped map and a “do not disturb” option, Apple has people clawing to get the new iPhone 5, so much so that pre-orders for the iPhone 5 sold out in less than an hour of its public […]

Kindle set to fire up the tablet market

On Sept. 28, Amazon launched its much-anticipated tablet. Christened Kindle Fire, the 7-inch tablet is priced at $199 and is available for pre-order, with delivery Nov. 15. Amazon has also significantly modified its kindle line of e-reader devices, with 6-inch non-touch B&W Kindle e-reader now available for $79, and the Kindle Touch ad-supported version for […]

DreamWorks signs deal with Netflix

On Sept. 26, DreamWorks Animation, which has produced animated classics such as the Madagascar and Shrek series, signed a deal with Netflix to promote its films and television specials. It is the first time a major Hollywood supplier has chosen Web streaming over pay television. According to some analyst estimates, the contract could earn the […]

Amazon, other online retailers receive compromise with California

A bill that delays requiring online retailers such as Amazon to charge California sales tax for one year will go to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature after the legislature passed it on Friday. Without AB 155 — also known as the “compromise bill” or the “Amazon deal” — stopping the collection of sales […]