Weekends releases should topple ‘Divergent’s’ shaky dominance

The last weekend of March only comes with two major nationwide releases: Biblical epic Noah, featuring a star-studded cast led by Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, and Sabotage, featuring ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in yet another action role. While both films should do well at the box office this weekend, expect Noah to claim the number […]

Marijuana debate is a waste of California’s time

“Do you have a card?” The answer to this question separates those who can legally purchase and smoke marijuana in the state of California from those who must resort to using sketchy dealers and smoking in secret. This question has also received significant attention in California lately, as legislators, civilians and marijuana users alike debate […]

Budget woes continue in California

Lawmakers in Sacramento failed to reach a consensus Thursday on how to solve the State’s mounting budget deficit. Gov. Jerry Brown had hoped to receive a minimum of four republican votes in order to mandate a special election on maintaining tax increases, implemented in 2009 under then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Currently about half of the State’s, […]