Troubled Trojans have chance at redemption

Few athletic programs earn dual acclaim for their football and men’s basketball teams. To wit, Florida, Ohio State, Texas and Notre Dame are the only universities that really qualify. Without question, USC’s path to improving its basketball program and joining their ranks is littered with obstacles — some endemic, most brought on by poor management […]

University should be conscientious of football culture

The release of the Freeh Report last month capped arguably the biggest scandal in the history of American higher education. The 267-page document, the result of an independent investigation led by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, is laden with details about Pennsylvania State University senior officials’ inaction in the wake of allegations against now-convicted child […]

Trojans hope to begin year on right foot

Every year around this time there is a faint sense of renewal and change we really can believe in. When the calendar flips to a new 365-day period, the talk is always about what we hope to achieve tomorrow, not of what we didn’t achieve yesterday. Yet in these often best-laid plans, our fickleness typically […]