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Nonfiction engages entertaining realities

With all of the buzz surrounding new fiction releases such as Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life and upcoming titles such as Dan Brown’s Inferno, it’s easy to lose track of another important facet of the literary world: nonfiction. Though debates about the values of nonfiction and fiction have yielded no concrete results — it’s nearly […]

Fantasy, sci-fi push artistic boundaries

With the upcoming premieres of The Host and Game of Thrones, fans of science fiction and fantasy are prepared to see some of literature’s hottest titles portrayed on the screen. Whatever your opinions on Stephenie Meyer or George R. R. Martin, it’s undeniable that the fantasy and science fiction genres have a large market for […]

Personal perspectives ultimately define great literature

With spring break quickly approaching, many Trojans will shelve their difficult course material in favor of a trashy beach read. As they dig their toes into the sand and try to forget about the stress of midterm hell, enjoying a mindless bestseller seems like the perfect way to take a break from hardcore literary analysis […]

New media redefines the art of journaling

As the so-called Digital Age begins to pick up speed, the private art of putting pen to paper seems almost antiquated. Sharing your thoughts on the latest political development is as easy as sending out a mass tweet, and real-time Facebook status updates add a dimension of unparalleled accuracy to the chronicling of daily events. […]

Books to check out for leisurely summer reading

With summer just weeks away, there is a lot of free time to look forward to. Summer is recognized as the best season for movies, but there will surely be occasions when a good book is just what you need. Whether waiting at the airport or tanning at the beach, check out these new books […]