Personal perspectives ultimately define great literature

With spring break quickly approaching, many Trojans will shelve their difficult course material in favor of a trashy beach read. As they dig their toes into the sand and try to forget about the stress of midterm hell, enjoying a mindless bestseller seems like the perfect way to take a break from hardcore literary analysis […]

Charity events can raise more funds without alcohol

You know the scene: It’s game day, and you’re at a tailgate on campus.  Between the tailgates and the crowds, people wander around looking for fresh recyclables. You finish off a beer and hand it with a nod to a person with a large black trash bag. For some USC students, this is the most […]

A Trojan Family space, for better or worse

The opening of the new campus center will be a major step in USC’s evolution from a commuter school to a residential campus, but more work is needed.