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REVIEW: Tilt blends hot and cold in coffee

It’s not hard to find great coffee in Los Angeles. In Downtown, a high-end coffee bar, low-key diner or chaotic Starbucks are never more than a few hundred meters away from each other, and more are popping up every month. What is rare, however, is a truly unique coffee experience, and Tilt Coffee Bar offers […]

Icon Plaza Starbucks makes one too many

There’s nothing quite like the opening of a new coffee shop to make people nod their heads and agree that “Yes, that certainly is another place I can now buy coffee.” It’s a lack of enthusiasm felt by hundreds of USC students last week in response to the christening of Icon Plaza’s very own Starbucks. […]

Starbucks adds to portion problem

Starbucks Coffee will be rolling out a new, gargantuan, 31-ounce “Trenta” drink size to all Starbucks stores in the United States by May 3. Cue the collective groans of every dietician in America. The Trenta release comes in response to the consumer demand for bigger iced drinks perfect for those long, hot summer days. Thankfully, […]