COLUMN: Journalism must not play into stereotypes

On Sunday morning, I woke up to the startling and tragic news of another mass shooting — this one having taken place at the popular Cameo Night Club in my hometown of Cincinnati. Though I have never been to this club, the news conjured up uncanny feelings of seeing my Ohio city dashed across national […]

COLUMN: Moonlight’s win offers hope in Trump era

At the 89th Academy Awards last Sunday, drama rocked the ceremony’s final minutes: In a move that shocked millions, it was announced that Moonlight had won Best Picture, not La La Land. In a debacle with details still to come, the La La Land producers were mid-speech when headphone-wearing producers rushed the stage. The real […]

COLUMN: The women of Saturday Night Live scare Donald Trump

Two Saturdays ago Melissa McCarthy stepped up to the Saturday Night Live stage dressed in a gray suit and high-forehead wig, unmistakably resembling Press Secretary Sean Spicer before she even walked up behind the mock White House podium. In the next eight minutes McCarthy delivered a scathing parody of Spicer’s press briefings, highlighting idiosyncrasies like […]