As USC blooms, so too does the Daily Trojan

I came to the startling realization earlier this week that my days as a student at this University are numbered. After I put on my graduation robe and walk across the stage to collect my diploma, I fear I will lose the security of the Trojan Family camaraderie, the feeling that we’re in this together. It’s […]

Poll problems cast pall on USC turnout

Leading up to Tuesday’s midterm elections, expectations for youth turnout at USC were predictably dismal. In the last few weeks, pundits have accused youth voters of everything from crippling laziness to lack of enthusiasm to naïve assumptions that the state will fix itself. But around campus on Tuesday, the problem was not getting students to […]

Endorsement: Jerry Brown for CA governor

One of the most common motifs in California’s 2010 gubernatorial race is that the state is at a critical juncture. Unemployment, healthcare costs, taxes, crime rates and pollution are rising. Pensions, water supply, government services and job opportunities are not. It’s imperative that we keep these issues in mind as we select the next California […]

No excuse for students not to vote in elections

There is no denying that Friday’s rally with President Barack Obama focused more on promoting Democratic ideology than on the students who came to see the president speak. But setting aside the partisanship that characterized the event, the underlying call to arms was a crucial one: Vote in the upcoming midterm elections. There is a […]

Bike regulation requires a more cohesive plan

Today, many student cyclists will dismount and walk their bikes through the two major intersections along Jefferson Boulevard, under the threat of a ticket. But tomorrow, they will most likely keep riding through. Today marks only the second day this semester that Los Angeles Police Department and Department of Public Safety officers have made a […]

Time for Greek, GLBT groups to come to the table

One of the most sensitive — and most important — issues facing our university community is how gay and lesbian individuals are treated in the Greek system. Over the last five years, a trickle of complaints regarding this matter has become a steady flow. The issue was highlighted in a letter sent to the Daily […]

USC should aid students in housing search

Over the past few years USC has vastly improved in accommodating more students in on-campus housing. Once students are inevitably shooed off-campus, however, they continue to be plagued by unreliable landlords. USC currently only guarantees undergraduates two years of on-campus housing. Every year, an average of 800 students who apply for campus housing are denied. […]