What Trojan political groups say

Barack Obama has worked to help Americans, no matter the opposition When I was 12-years-old, a cardiologist told my father that his life depended on the replacement of multiple heart valves. A little more than a year later, my mother was given a similar diagnosis by a cancer specialist, and was told that a mastectomy […]

Four years later, youth enthusiasm for Obama is down

When Max Blum, a senior majoring in cinema and television production, cast his first presidential ballot in 2008, enthusiasm was high among his friends. “I felt really proud,” Blum said. “It was a great chance to cast my vote in something that was so monumental in American history.” Galvanized by the ideas of “hope” and “change,” […]

Symposium’s call for non-partisanship is essential

From brutal campaign ads to personal attacks to the not-so-friendly moniker Barrack Hussein, the battlefield of politics has been particularly nasty in recent years. Such nastiness is rooted in rigid partisanship, which has contributed to an endemic inability of lawmakers of different parties to work with one another. In the midst of this national fiasco, […]