And the final chapter: what I learned at USC

Right about now, hundreds of thousands of high school seniors are making their life-changing decision about which college to attend. Only 3,000 will make the right choice and come to our side of warm, sunny Los Angeles for the next four years. I remember when I made my decision, and then changed it and then […]

Let’s be careful not to forget the fun in sports

Think back to when you were a kid, when you would come home from school and shoot hoops with your friends in your driveway, or wake up on a rainy Saturday morning and put on your soccer jersey and cleats on without a second thought, or when you would spend all day in your fourth […]

O’Neill deserves third year despite questions

With time winding down in the USC men’s basketball team’s last home game last month, junior forward Nikola Vucevic stepped to the line to take two free throws. As he prepared to shoot, a faint “one more year” chant could be heard coming from the student section. This continued as the game reached its final […]

It’s now time to give the Trojans an honor code

By now, you probably have heard about the sex scandal at Brigham Young University. Basically, forward Brandon Davies was suspended from the basketball team for the rest of the year for having consensual sex with his girlfriend. Now, although this is accepted pretty much anywhere else, BYU has a strict honor code that prohibits this […]

USC baseball might be turning the corner

This city is one that’s supposed to have eternal sunshine and always be 75, without a cloud in the sky. But for some reason, Los Angeles decided to take a vacation last week and Seattle came and raided its house while it was gone. But while it was tough to figure out Los Angeles, it […]

Free throws remain Achilles’ heel for USC

If you start reading this column expecting something about the holy day of signing, when 18-year-olds finally put years of doodling their signatures in the margin of their Algebra notebooks into practice (or not, in the case of Texas A&M recruit Floyd Raven, whose mom forged his signature on a letter of intent to Ole […]

If I were Pat Haden, if I were USC’s AD

Earlier this week, a buddy of mine alerted me to the fact that seven of the eight Pac-10 softball teams are in the preseason top 25. My first reaction was not one of admiration, but of disappointment that there are eight softball teams in the Pac-10. Then, I realized that if USC did have a […]

Odds for a successful appeal appear slim

Tomorrow, USC suits up for its most important game of the year. With all due respect to the men’s basketball team, this game will be played in a court 2,000 miles from the Galen Center in Indianapolis, and USC Athletic Director Pat Haden will be throwing the passes. Bad puns aside, an impressive delegation consisting […]