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Literature finds a new online home

The Los Angeles Times Festival of books this weekend was a cornucopia for young people interested in beginning a career in the publication of literature. During a conversation at the Salvatori Computer Science Center on Sunday afternoon, several dozens of festival-goers learned about the world of publishing as “The Technological Frontier.” Los Angeles Times contributor […]

Writers can lose old fans with new works

Much like the way a live performer might have to take the stage following a co-star’s brilliant performance, a successful writer might have to contend with following a tough act — with one difference. They have only themselves to blame. Though many aspiring creators imagine that achieving mainstream success will put an end to all […]

Novel delves into gritty Los Angeles personalities

With an area population of nearly 10 million, it’s easy to focus on some of Los Angeles’ more beautiful and prestigious residents. But Broken, written by J. Matthew Nespoli, takes a look into the morbid lives of the underrepresented and unlucky. Nespoli’s novel follows 14 individuals whose lives of constant struggle somehow become intertwined. Although […]