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City has a right to Occupy LA protest murals

The public tends to view graffiti negatively; it is often washed away almost as quickly as it appears. Graffiti, however, can take a wide variety of forms, from the most basic expressions of youthful rebellion to the enchanting works of artists like Banksy. When it is created in the context of an impactful movement, street […]

Occupy L.A. grounds have growth potential

With the main Occupy L.A. encampment having come to an end, there are many questions regarding what it all meant — what it meant for the community and what it meant for similar movements striving for social change. The meaning and effects will take a long time to be clear. Events like these need the […]

Letter to the editor

Protests misguided As a USC political science major, I am appalled that the USC College Democrats are proudly and openly associating with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The USC College Democrats had an Occupy USC protest on Oct. 24 to protest the social injustice done by Wall Street. It’s one thing to oppose corruption and […]