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Artists should turn to history for inspiration

The outcome of the presidential election not only decides the new leader of the country, but also the course of events for the next four years. Each time a new president steps into office, they assume responsibility for decisions that could affect the country far beyond their term. By opening an American history textbook, citizens […]

Depth of field helps focus in on images

Last week, I talked about framing and the rule of thirds. This week, we’ll take a closer look at composition, and in particular, depth of field. Depth of field is a term that is thrown around a lot in video and film.  It may sound complex, but depth of field simply refers to the part of […]

Rule of thirds timeless technique in film and photos

Last week, I talked about a very current film and video trend—time lapse. This week, we’ll examine a technique that’s hundreds of years old. When shooting a video or a film, or even taking photography, a lot of technical advice is thrown around.  Some good basics to start with are always shoot in the direction of […]