Embrace leftovers with new recipes

Spring break is less than a week away, so students are starting to get a small taste of what freedom is like along with the pressure of having to cram for midterms. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am also cramming to clean out my fridge so that nothing goes to waste — […]

Last minute Spring Break destinations

You’ve settled into the semester at last. You know where all your classes are, your midterms are coming to an end,  and you realize you forgot to plan something: Spring Break. Don’t fret, here’s a list of events going on all over the country will help you treat yourself with an exciting week off no […]

Personal perspectives ultimately define great literature

With spring break quickly approaching, many Trojans will shelve their difficult course material in favor of a trashy beach read. As they dig their toes into the sand and try to forget about the stress of midterm hell, enjoying a mindless bestseller seems like the perfect way to take a break from hardcore literary analysis […]

Dress for wherever your break takes you

We’ve been waiting for it, craving it, praying for it and finally it’s so close that we can touch it: spring break. For one glorious week, USC students will get time off from studying, attending mundane classes and dealing with extracurriculars. For one week, we can forget about that stupid thing called “responsibility” and just […]

Spring Break Guide

For students staying near USC, stay active and catch up with L.A. arts and entertainment.