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TV still plagued by gender gap

There are dramatically fewer female writers than male writers working in the television industry, according to a new study released by the Writers Guild of America, West, which examined employment patterns for writers from the 2011-12 television season. In a world that seems to have progressed in the matter of gender equality, not only is […]

Mad Men season 6 premiere captures moral dichotomy

It is the winter of 1967, just months before the My Lai massacre and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the characters of AMC’s Mad Men are haunted by death. Sunday’s two hour season six premiere sent audiences right back into the height of the Vietnam War. Don Draper, who during Korea […]

Modern audiences gravitate to television storytelling format

Have we reached a point where television is more influential to popular culture than film?   That’s what Vanity Fair seems to argue, at least. The lifestyle magazine made a point to say that television, rather than film, “enriches the iconography and collective lore of pop culture,” as culture critic James Wolcott was quoted as […]

Walking Dead serves as metaphor for reality

When it comes to the subject of supernatural phenomena, producers have moved in quite a few different directions. There are the romantic, sexualized vampires that seem more interested in finding potential mates than sucking blood, which supposedly is their natural instinct. And there are glamorized witches and wizards from series such as Sabrina, the Teenage […]