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Modern TV lacks stability, certainty

Television has had many ups and downs in recent weeks with returns, delays and cancellations, giving way to the widespread instability in modern television programming. This holds particularly true as Tuesday falls squarely between the long-delayed midseason return of NBC’s gleefully eccentric gang comedy Community and the even longer delayed season five premiere of AMC’s […]

Screen Actors Guild Awards plays it safe again

That magical time of year has once again come and gone — the time when all the good street parking outside of Superior Grocers is taken by stretch limousines and low-flying choppers aren’t looking for fugitives, but a photo op instead. Yes, on Sunday, the venerable Shrine Auditorium played host to the 18th-annual Screen Actors […]

More than ever, viewers look to the web for new T.V. shows

These days it is hard to find something good on T.V. Long-form shows tend to get canceled in their first season because of poor ratings and network meddling (like the genius shows Firefly and Traveler), while the ones that are lucky to last long are nearly done, such as Lost. Because of the recession, it […]