USC sex culture not what it seems

After the recent release of James Franco’s preview of Undergrads, USC’s reputation as a school full of sex-crazed party animals will surely persist. But when it comes to sex, what is the truth about USC students? It might appear that casual sexual counters are the norm at USC. However, according to the USC Office of […]

James Franco’s USC reality show may not be so bad

Not every University can say that they have a reality show about them. But then again, not every school is USC. This past week, the internet went aflutter with the release of the trailer for “Undergrads” – a pseudo-documentary series from Dave and James Franco. Featuring real-life SC students – you might recognize a few from […]

Administration responds to controversial web series based on USC

James Franco’s new web series “Undergrads,” which the video says will air Thursday at 8 p.m. on, follows the lives of several USC  students. In an interview with MTV, Dave Franco, James Franco’s brother, said he helped film, direct and produce the web series. “This past semester, I was working more behind the camera, […]