Desk behavior in the workplace proves a little too revealing

In an office, every employee, no matter how lowly, is entitled to his own workspace. As a file clerk, I had a pretty little cubicle to call my own. The paralegals were the proud owners of the slightly larger cubicles with fancy trappings, like legroom. The attorneys had smaller offices with the luxury of fully […]

Students revive international relations club

After a hiatus that lasted more than a year, a group of students have revived the International Relations Undergraduate Association to improve networking within the student body and provide avenues for students to publish their views on global affairs. The club was originally founded in the early 1990s as a representative body for undergraduates studying […]

British court values human rights over diplomacy

Last week, the British court ruled in favor of releasing US intelligence documents on Guantanamo Bay torture cases, sparking an international uproar. Of course, there are the real-world issues of whether or not releasing the documents could compromise the “special relationship” that Britain enjoys with the United States. More important in this case, however, is […]