Playing injured not worth the risks

The senior had been waiting his whole life for this moment. Ever since his high school football team lost in the state championship last year, the do-it-all quarterback vowed to win this time around. It was his last season to play with many of his best friends that he had been playing with since middle […]

German director remains one of cinema’s finest weirdos

This story might not be true, but it’s alleged that during the filming of Fitzcarraldo in 1982, the great yet insane Polish actor Klaus Kinski, fed up with months of grueling shooting in the jungles of South America, told his director he was escaping by boat up the Amazon and never looking back. Werner Herzog, […]

Herzog, Cage go off the deep end in ‘Lieutenant’

Take an eccentric director, add an eccentric star, and what’s the outcome? A truly bizarre film. In Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, the combination of Werner Herzog’s zany, metaphor-rich directing and Nicolas Cage’s over-exaggerated characterization produces a ludicrous yet somewhat fascinating film that both entices and befuddles the audience. Love or hate him, […]

Seven habits of highly ineffective governors

With Gov. Schwarzenegger’s second term about to wrap up, several names have begun to surface as his possible replacement, with California Attorney General Jerry Brown and eBay CEO Meg Whitman currently leading the polls. The campaign has yet to hit its stride, but with the financial disarray that California has been stewing in, the race […]