Spring ball gives look into season of change

A lot of things are coming to an end this week. Classes are done Friday. Spring football ends with the spring game at the Coliseum on Saturday, and the Daily Trojan’s last issue comes out Thursday. Given this is the last football practice this paper will cover until August, it seems appropriate to glaze over, […]

Grub on! Explore USC’s best in chow

We all love to rant about $8 Caesar salads or the “Italian food” at Everybody’s Kitchen, but between questionable prices and soggy pasta, USC has a few well-kept secrets, both on campus or within walking distance. The wise senior has probably discovered all of these, but has long since forgone a meal plan and might […]

Indie film Paper Man should be recycled

Paper Man is a movie about emptiness. Though it’s not really a good film, it’s not really a bad one either, and that might be the point. Jeff Daniels plays Richard, the film’s main character who has a few problems. He is trying to write a novel after the complete failure of his last one, […]

Students should engage diversity at USC

At the beginning of this semester, I entered a Monday class early to find several students sporadically placed around the 50-seat room. The class was “diversely” composed of white Americans, Asian-Americans and international students from China, South Korea and India. When I entered the room the following Wednesday, the class had completely self-segregated, with each […]