No fairy tale ending for film franchise

With Friday’s release of Shrek Forever After — according to the film’s promotional subtitle, “The Final Chapter” in the hugely profitable four-part franchise — DreamWorks proves itself not above kicking a dead donkey. Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas return to give voice to their now-familiar characters in the fourth installment in […]

Letters to the editor

No space for discussion Ordinarily, I am not an overly political person. In fact, as a Ph.D student in music history, much of my life is devoted to a retreat from the messy politics of this world into an idealized world of art. However, after a recent experience attending an anti-Israel demonstration conducted by Students […]

The few

Vincent Mejia, who majored in kinesiology, receives his rank insignia from his father after being commissioned as a naval officer. On Friday, 18 USC graduates were commissioned as military officers after completing the Army, Navy and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps programs.