The fine line between sanity and sports

Ghandi once said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Sadly, this timeless lesson never made its way to the town of Kingston, Tenn. In observance of coach Lane Kiffin’s abrupt departure from Knoxville one year ago,, the owner of the town’s shooting range, concluded that there was no better way to […]

New artists show oddness pervades current rap image

It’s no secret that hip-hop is constantly evolving. For every Rick Ross-type, the self-proclaimed ghetto MC still boasting about drugs, girls and money over triumphant beats, there’s a Kid Cudi, the self-loathing rapper-singer clad in skinny jeans. Though the Cudi-esque rappers were new and different at one point in recent history, their style has now […]

Trash talk limits hurt players and fans

Unnecessary rules are forcing emotion out of professional sports, much to the detriment of athletes and their faithful fans. The NFL playoffs serve as a defining example of league officials assuming the roles of censors and czars, and thus making dynamic and outspoken players into robots. Sunday’s matchup between the Jets and Patriots was the […]