Winter wonderland

Freshmen Carly Shelar, undeclared, and Hannah Yelton, an industrial systems engineering major, enjoy ice skating in McCarthy Quad, where Program Board’s Special Events Committee set up a “Winter Wonderland” skating rink Thursday afternoon. The 45-person synthetic skating rink came complete with special skates to allow students to skate on the plastic surface, as well as […]

Congress cannot afford to turn back on Chinese

This week’s news cycle has been dominated by Chinese Premier Hu Jintao’s four-day visit to the United States. During his visit, Hu has held a series of meetings with President Barack Obama and other high-level policymakers, corporate titans and diplomats. The visit’s climax came Wednesday night, when Obama hosted an official state dinner highlighted by […]

TV shows reluctant to accept sci-fi title

Brannon Braga, writer and executive producer of the upcoming television series Terra Nova, which is about people who travel back in time, recently said that his show was not really science fiction, even claiming that it has less science fiction elements than the earlier seasons of Lost. Really? A television series about people from the […]