Trojans Speak Out: Which candidates are you voting for? Pt. 2

The 2011 USG elections kicked off this Tuesday and we want to know what you think! Which candidates are you voting for and why? Here are what a few USC students had to say.

Editor’s note: In this series of videos, the Daily Trojan set out to capture the voices of students as they cast their ballots for next year’s Undergraduate Student Government representatives. We had hoped to provide a snapshot of student life in an intriguing and accessible way.

In this particular video, however, all of the students we interviewed happened to have voted for the same candidate. Though we had wanted to showcase these students’ opinions to provide our readers with a direct glimpse into USC student life, we have since heard complaints that the video sounded like an endorsement for a specific ticket, which was never our intention.

As such, we have chosen to take the video down. Other videos in this series that feature students talking about a variety of candidates will remain on our blog. We hope our readers will find the videos a new and engaging way to tap into the minds of USC students.

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    A clean sweep?
    If DT is doing its job right, it sure looks like clean sweep….
    Unless DT hand picked these voters…. In an effort to justify and boost its endorsed candidate?

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