Unifying the Pac-10 a key sign of progress

It’s that time of year again: Small yet noticeable billboards adorn the L.A. Live plaza, promoting the Pac-10’s annual postseason basketball celebration, which kicks off this afternoon. The difference in this year’s tournament billboard, however, is that images of UCLA’s Tyler Honeycutt and Washington’s Isaiah Thomas are paired with a few unfamiliar characters. Along with […]

Festival sales could save the failing live music industry

It seems like the live music industry gets a little worse every year. At least, that’s the way prominent music publications make it seem. During its end-of-the-year report, Business Wire reported “2010 was a volatile year for the music industry, which saw many tours canceled and a decline in overall concert ticket sales.” Popular artists […]

Letter to the editor: I am American

My parents, who emigrated from India, raised me to respect the myriad of cultures that make up the distinct flavor of this country. They raised me to value American opportunities. For 21 years I never doubted whether I belong. I never doubted my right to call America my home — until recently — when Andrew […]

Competitive arena needs room for emotion

It’s been popular to hate the Miami Heat this year. The championship parade before they even played a game and their early season struggles made them easy targets for critics from the beginning. So when Heat players cried in the locker room after a regular season loss to the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, fans and […]