Students have much to offer economy

As students at a leading private research university in California, we have a duty to more than simply notice the escalating gap between the rich and the poor in the United States and abroad. Timothy Smeeding, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor who specializes in poverty said to USA Today, “More than other countries, [America] has […]

Lady Gaga’s third offers all-new sound

For many, its been a long wait for the latest from Lady Gaga. The Fame Monster dropped in November 2009, only weeks before the pop star embarked on her record-breaking Monster Ball tour. Weighing in at eight tracks, it was long for an EP but apparently too short to be taken seriously as a full-length […]

Tides sets up possibility of franchise built around Depp

What is a film franchise to do when what was originally supposed to be a supporting character completely hijacks the series? In the case of Pirates of the Caribbean, the answer was to ditch the intended leads and start another set of films showcasing the breakout character, here, Johnny Depp’s mercurial Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirates […]

Money, passion square off in Allen’s latest

It’s fairly common to hear someone say, “I wish I could have lived in the 1950s” or “I wonder what it was like to be a flapper in the 1920s.”  What’s not as common is the realization of that curiosity, something Woody Allen delightfully brings to the screen in his newest film, Midnight In Paris. […]

Summer lovin’

Keep your summer tryst fresh and explore romantic spots that can be found only in Los Angeles with these exciting date ideas.