Gap between Barkley, Luck not too steep

Washington coach Steve Sarkisian started a little bit of gamesmanship and a whole lot of confusion last week when he said he’d take USC junior quarterback Matt Barkley over Stanford quarterback and Heisman-favorite Andrew Luck if he were picking in the NFL draft. After this weekend, it seems Sarkisian might be on to something after […]

Kettlebells serve as manifold weights

These days, exercise regimens tend to involve multiple dumbbells, barbells and machines. Exercise tools are great for their very specific functions, but that’s the problem, they can be too specific. Many people don’t have time or access to go to a gym full of these tools. For those stuck in this predicament, there is a […]

Letters to the editor

Distracted riders problematic In the classic arcade game Frogger, one must maneuver from point to point while avoiding numerous hazards in the road. Jumping from left to right, one must always be on the lookout for potential collisions, as even a slight misstep could result in devastating catastrophe. Constant vigilance is key to traversing these […]