Halloween Shooting





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  • Cindy

    USC official have many policies in place to make us feel safe. Are they really enforced?. I was told security was spread very thin last night and there were too many events on campus. That is not acceptable, security should have been increased. Was anyone there to check the ids of the more than 100 people that were just hanging out outside the party? I feel security fell short last night. Hearing that none of the people involved were students just makes matters worse. Why were they on campus? Why was there not increased security on Hallloween?

  • 1982 Alumnus

    The Black Students Association bears a lot of responsibility for this unacceptable tragedy in the heart of campus. Its leaders should know better than to allow or encourage non USC students, at least one of whom was an arms carrying, violent criminal, to party with students. All USC student groups need to be reminded of the risks associated with hosting parties with non students. And the USC administration needs to prohibit USC from hosting any night club-like event on campus involving non students. USC must place the BSA on probation now.

  • rymlaw

    Welcome to the jungle (aka as Los Angeles). As I was typing my last post (my nephew is currently a student at SC) at my Wilshire Blvd. office, I see helicopters and heard the sounds of sirens outside. I looked out from the 25th floor and cops are currently all outside including news vans on Wilshire Blvd. Apparently, a girl was shot outside a B of A. Don’t know if she made it but praying that she does. It is a crazy world out there. Please be careful.