Masiello situation bad for both sides

Earlier this week, Steve Masiello appeared to be on the upswing. He had just coached the Manhattan Jaspers to a near-upset of the Louisville Cardinals in the NCAA Tournament, coming oh-so-close to topping his mentor Rick Pitino in a battle of wits played out on a hardwood floor in Orlando, Fla. Masiello had played under […]

J-League right to hold Urawa Reds accountable for racism

Achieving tolerance in sports has long been an elusive goal. Despite various strides made by those in the soccer world to curb racism on the field — from cracking down on racist remarks between players to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association announcing the decision to allow players to sport religious head garments during games […]

Urawa Reds team punishment ineffective in preventing racism

Last Sunday, gone were the loud cheers and shouts that usually echo through Japan’s Saitama Stadium at home matches. Instead, when the Urawa Red Diamonds walked out onto the field, the team was met with a deafening silence. To punish a small group of fans for hanging a “Japanese Only” banner in the stadium entranceway […]

Land of the free, home of the loud

Lately, I’ve been feeling very British. For example, yesterday I was sitting on the tube reading the London Evening Standard newspaper and avoiding eye contact with everyone around me like only seasoned tube passengers know how to do, when some boisterous Americans disturbed my peaceful ride with unnecessarily loud talking and laughter. I was irked […]