Mueller investigation will yield important change

It’s a turbulent world. Sexual assault allegations are shaking down megastars in the wake of a storm of Harvey Weinstein allegations. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is now speaking as a Confederate-sympathizing Civil War historian (who knew?). Saturday Night Live thought it could disappear for two weeks and placate me with David S. […]

COUNTERPOINT: The term “fake news” has been reduced to a dog whistle

Facebook, Twitter and Google testified before Congress on Tuesday about the thousands of fake accounts on their platforms that spewed misinformation throughout the 2016 election. The issue of Russian information warfare and political propaganda has been closely tied, in the public imagination, with the issue of “fake news” — fake stories distributed to unwitting American […]

POINT: “Fake news” is a bigger problem than we think

With news of an indictment of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and a guilty plea from former Trump foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos for lying to the FBI, it seems like the horror story of the 2016 presidential election just won’t stop. In response to resurfaced allegations of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia […]

OPINION: Sexual misconduct is enabled by tradition

Earlier this month, in light of the recent sexual harassment scandals involving Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein, social media was flooded with an outpouring of alleged victims of sexual misconduct writing “#MeToo” on their timelines. It all started when actress Alyssa Milano tweeted, “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me […]

It Takes a Village: Men must be part of fighting sexist culture

Often buried by the turmoil of health care reform, immigration bans and allegations of collusion with foreign powers, the political sphere contains another pervasive issue: case after case of men silencing, undermining and degrading their female counterparts. From male senators repeatedly interrupting Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, to more recently, Rep. Darrell Issa referring […]