Trojan CrossFit helps build strength with intense workout

A beautiful, wide and open warehouse in the middle of the Arts District, Trojan CrossFit, has prime realty, and they certainly know it. In fact, my class wasn’t the first time I had encountered the gym. I first came across Trojan CrossFit a couple of months ago while having brunch with some friends at Urth Caffé […]

Project Greenlight’s Effie Brown addresses male privilege

A couple weeks ago, news outlets circulated a video depicting a disagreement between Matt Damon and film producer Effie Brown on the HBO reality series Project Greenlight. This reality show centers on a group of professionals, including Damon and partner Ben Affleck, awarding an aspiring director $3 million in order to make his or her first […]

Stephen King’s book is perfect for Halloween

Though Halloween will soon  be over, people can keep the ghostly holiday spirit alive long after Oct. 31 by picking up a copy of Stephen King’s newest collection of short stories: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, out Nov. 3. I have to admit, I never made it all the way through a Stephen King work […]

Melbourne becomes new home

A week after the last week of classes, I have reached a point where I have lived in Melbourne for so long that life back in sunny Los Angeles seems foreign. I have grown accustomed to looking the wrong way for cars coming down the road, counting my coins to pay four Australian dollars for laundry […]

COLUMN: Social media cleanses foster better personal connections

Over the weekend, I was having a conversation with my mother over text when suddenly she wrote, “got to go,” and stopped texting me back. Not only did I secretly wish she had written “g2g” just for the laughs, but I was also confused about why she couldn’t have just responded to me later when […]

Jennifer Lawrence’s Lenny essay has issues

In high school, and much of my first year of college, I shied away from any belief or position that remotely referenced that dreaded f-word: feminism. I felt it was too intense, too polarizing. I had a very skewed vision of what it actually meant (read: equality for all) and also thought that just because […]

Insomniac events feature comprehensive experience

Since Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 tickets have been on sale for the past couple of weeks, it’s important to spotlight one of the driving forces in the electronic dance music industry right now — Insomniac. Everyone knows about EDC, whether it’s the Las Vegas and New York City events or the Nocturnal events that happen […]

Salman Rushdie’s book creates a unique spin on old tales

With midterms in full swing, and work and responsibility raining down on everyone’s heads, Salman Rushdie’s Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights provides some welcome magic and entertainment. This is the newest book by the controversial author, who has dealt with brutal critics. Rushdie has also been through a fatwa, an Islamic religious ruling, […]

Melbourne offers many parks to escape from busy city life

As I write this, it’s Sunday morning — homework day — and the temperature has finally hit 76 degrees. Spring has, at last, reached Australia. Outside, the weather is not only bearable, but even enjoyable. Studying cooped up in the library is unjustifiable. When the weather is this nice, a tree becomes the perfect arm […]

Barre classes challenge flexibility, muscle strength

Located Downtown in the Santa Fe Building on 6th Street and Main Street, The Main Barre has an immediate cool factor. The street was bustling with city sounds and nighttime energy when I arrived at the building for my 7:15 p.m. class. I was buzzed in the door and made my way to the elevator, […]