Play Dead unveils Mutemath’s musical evolution

After five years in the making, Mutemath’s highly anticipated Play Dead finally arrived on Friday. Despite some lineup changes resulting in the departure of Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas and Darren King, two of the original band members, the Grammy-nominated band did not disappoint its fans with an album that perfectly showcases what Mutemath is all about. Play […]

‘O Solo Homo’ delivers charged queer performances

On Wednesday evening, the Brain & Creativity Institute’s Joyce J. Cammilleri Hall was buzzing with anticipation for the latest Visions & Voices Event, “O Solo Homo.” The event was a celebration of queer performance and headlined by Marga Gomez and Tim Miller. Gomez is a writer, actress, stand-up comedian and recipient of the GLAAD award […]

SunLife Organics’ menu compromises quality

Located in the heart of USC Village, SunLife Organics’ lotus logo entices passers-by with its wide-open doors and brightly lit interior filled with pop music, people and the whir of blenders at work. The store contains wooden, rustic-themed décor, complete with hanging plants and energy crystals that elicit a quintessential Southern California vibe, and boasts […]

Saturation II artfully displays diverse emotions

A mere two and a half months after its blistering debut studio album Saturation, hip-hop collective BROCKHAMPTON, dubbed “the internet’s first boy band,” is back with a stellar follow-up project Saturation II. The group, helmed by lead singer Kevin Abstract, features an incredibly skilled team of 15 in-house rappers, writers, producers and creative directors, as […]

Claude Speeed stuns with synthetic sounds that defy genre

Planet Mu signee Claude Speeed has emerged from seclusion once more to gift us with Infinity Ultra, an album that is as stylistically broad as it is undefinable. A Scottish native, Speeed originally began his musical career as part of “American Men,” a post-rock outfit where he allegedly traded “guitars for synths.” His presence within […]

The War on Drugs perpetuates unique musical identity in new album

In many respects, the progression of a successful career in music is marked by change. Many great artists evolve and adjust their instrumentation, tone and possibly even genre in the process of discerning their creative identity. For Philadelphia rocker Adam Granduciel and his band The War on Drugs, this creative breakthrough came with their 2015 […]

Counterpoint: Taylor Swift’s new single is gloomy and messy

“Is she about to rap?” asked my roommate as we pressed play on Taylor Swift’s new single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” and heard the progression of 90s-esque minor chords. The single comes from Swift’s long-awaited sixth studio album, reputation, which is slated for release this November. Luckily, Swift did not rap. She did, […]

Taylor Swift’s new single solidifies her pop stardom

Taylor Swift is back — and she’s finally shed her skin. In one of the most stunning comebacks in recent music history, Swift “rose up from the dead” with a single proclamation in her heel-turning single “Look What You Made Me Do”: The “old Taylor” is officially dead. Since its release, “Look” — the lead […]