COLUMN: The Bachelor empowers women

Of those who watch The Bachelor, there are two types of people: viewers who truly enjoy and are invested in the series, and viewers who tune in every other week or so and hate themselves for it. Until last week, I existed wholly outside of this spectrum because I didn’t watch The Bachelor and thought, […]

ABC offers more than just Modern Family

Most of the television-viewing population has heard of Modern Family. It’s hard to turn through a magazine without seeing one of its stars, Sofia Vergara, grace an advertisement with her huge smile, flawless curves and bold confidence. The show itself has won multiple awards and this year is no exception to that — Vergara and […]

District attorney’s runoff offers two schools of thought

The long road for the Los Angeles County District Attorney position is winding down for candidates Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson. The two contenders have been campaigning since last year and made it through their primary races and are now days away from facing off in the Nov. 6 election. Each candidate brings a different […]

Trojans can reclaim national spotlight

Most coaches would prefer that their teams fly under the radar. The idea that their players are not getting the recognition they deserve creates an “us against the world” mentality that most teams thrive on. At USC, this is most certainly not the case. Arguably the premier sports team in Los Angeles, the Trojans have […]

Medical documentary series remain best option on Hulu

There are very few shows on television that make viewers realize, understand and appreciate their own humanity. Luckily for everyone, there’s Boston Med and NY Med. These two ABC medical documentary series, created and produced by renowned journalist and documentary modernizer Terry Wrong, are some of the most compelling and emotional 16 hours in contemporary network television history. […]

A weekend guide to college football

USC’s archrival Notre Dame faces Navy in Dublin, in the Emerald Isle Classic on Saturday. Former Trojan running back Amir Carlisle, who transferred to the program last January and is eligible to play immediately after his hardship waiver was approved, will not play in the game due to injury. The Fighting Irish will also be […]

TV campaigns find signature promotions

If a show airs in its time slot and no one is tuned in to watch it, does it make a sound? It’s an “if a tree falls in a forest” question that most network executives would be perfectly happy going their whole careers without ever discovering the answer to. Countless dollars are spent every […]