Cola float

Coca-Cola visits McCarthy Quad on Tuesday to promote its product with a “silentparty.” Representatives gave out headphones to students and hosted a small dance party to promote the soft drink.

Calorie counts will mislead consumers

Last week, McDonald’s became the first major fast-food chain to post calorie contents on all drive-thru and in-store menus. The change is a result of growing waistlines and, consequently, public officials’ and media outlets’ condemnation one of the world’s largest and most popular calorie producers. It’s happening everywhere: In the past year, New York City […]

Super Bowl commercials: The good and the bad

Every Super Bowl party has one: that guy who’s “only there for the commercials.” And probably free beer and nachos. But that guy’s got a point – companies pull out all the stops for Super Bowl Sunday, to convince a massive crowd of roaring sports fans that they need a brand new Chevy or 6-pack […]

New findings are not a real source of panic

The caramel color found in cola drinks such as Coca-Cola is contaminated with carcinogens, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit consumer advocacy group. The type of caramel coloring used for sodas isn’t what might come to mind when you think of the word “caramel.” Instead of simply melted or […]