Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 10/26/15

USC News Diversity Delay: The USG Senate met Tuesday to vote on the campus climate resolution presented a week ago. The meeting didn’t quite go as planned. Large crowds packed into the small room to watch the discussion heat up among the USG leaders. The plan has become a big issue for student assemblies all […]

Dressing up means expressing yourself

As I looked around my friend’s East Coast dorm room, something caught my eye — or rather, the absence of something. It was an item that I had taken for granted, an item that I presumed every college student — at least, female college student — was in possession of. A costume box. Apparently party […]

Halloween costumes should reflect individuality, creativity

Halloween: the holiday that involves sugar binges and discovering ways to scare yourself and others. It is also one of those rare holidays that’s meaning changes with age. Much like Valentine’s Day, where we went from trading cartoon valentines to our kindergarten classmates to offering roses and chocolates to our college sweethearts, the spooky festivities […]

Skull and Dagger pranks need to have limits

Depending on who you ask, last Wednesday’s Skull and Dagger prank was either hilarious or mean-spirited and tasteless. According to a Daily Trojan online poll, students are essentially divided over whether the prank was upsetting or commendable — 35 percent of voters thought the prank was great, and 17 percent disapprove. A Facebook event created […]