DPS must acknowledge student crime

It’s any university’s worst nightmare when students don’t take their own safety seriously. But while USC’s Dept. of Public Safety does an excellent job informing students about potential dangers and risk prevention in the neighborhood, it doesn’t adequately address the threats students face from their own peers. The Daily Trojan reported last Thursday that new […]

Students should adopt watchful mentality

As new technology climbs to the top of ways to combat crime and theft on campus, the question of efficacy invariably comes up. As the Daily Trojan reported Thursday, USC’s Dept. of Public Safety has seen recent success in tracking down stolen property through the use of security cameras and tracking software. However, if we […]

Pedestrians should play equally important role in their own safety

USC’s pedestrian safety campaign has been doggedly trying to instill a sense of accountability in the large contingent of cyclists and boarders on campus. But and equally important component of pedestrian safety is pedestrian accountability. Somewhere down the line, there seems to have been a subtle injection of an us vs. them mentality into the […]