GE’s need to be restructured

The economy is obviously struggling. People are wary of spending money freely, and watching their expenses carefully. As a result, the increasingly expensive financial and personal investment that is education has emerged as a stress. At a time when families are pressed for money and wondering if their children will be able to secure jobs […]

US too dependent on foreign oil

In an effort to lessen our dependence on a finite resource, President Barack Obama this week called for a repeal of billions of dollars in government subsidies to oil companies. The repealed subsidies amount to $4 billion annually. The president said the money can be invested directly into what he believes is the future of […]

Clean Energy Not A Means for Job Creation Today

If you’ve watched but one State of the Union address, you know the formula for every yearly installment of the speech given within recent significant political history.  Large issues the President perceives as most pressing – recently, issues like defense and the economy – come first.  Issues the President deems less “doable” or significant come […]

Job market is mostly contingent upon timing

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that consumers are finally spending money on more than just basic material goods again. It’s been two years since retailers, restaurants and other merchants made significant profits. Women are starting to splurge on cute shoes, families are celebrating birthdays at their favorites restaurants and couples are opting to improve […]

Personal finance IQ pays big dividends

If you think soft money is the dollar bill you dropped in the pool and a stock portfolio is a fancy folder, you’re not alone. Many college students don’t have the kind of personal finance savvy to guide them to a debt-free life. Knowing how to spend, earn and save money is as essential to […]