USC should consider advantages of online undergraduate programs

USC claims a distinct difference between its graduate and undergraduate education programs, the latest example being the announcement Monday of new online degree programs for the former set. Online degree programs provide graduate students the unique flexibility to advance their education and pursue a career at the same time, allowing them both to more practically […]

Students must learn from loans

For most students, college is the first time that they are on their own. This freedom entails more than just living away from their parents and guardians — for many students, it means being cut off from continuous financial support.

Online education provides an alternative

With college tuition continuing to rise with no guarantee for jobs after graduation, some prospective college students might choose alternative paths to education. Because of the increase in costs, enrolling for a postsecondary education online has become an attractive option — not a last resort. The virtual classroom experience provides a viable alternative that students […]

New educational paths should be taken

There’s a cookie cutter path we’re all supposed to take in life: Graduate from high school; go to college; finish in four years; and get a job, or continue with more school. More often than not, life doesn’t work that way. And it shouldn’t have to. Society seems to hold certain conventions when it comes […]