Morsi’s ousting will impact Egypt negatively

During a visit to Islamabad on Aug. 1, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the overthrowing of Egypt’s first democratically elected president Mohammed Morsi had been aimed at “restoring democracy.” But Kerry’s definition of democracy is about as democratic as the restoration of democracy in Nicaragua at gunpoint under former President Ronald Reagan. Contrary […]

Three dead, countless injured after embassy attack in Egypt

Israeli-Egyptian relations continued to deteriorate after an attack on the Israeli Embassy in Egypt left three dead and more than 1,000 injured. Protestors stormed the embassy and trashed offices, forcing almost the entire Israeli staff to flee Egypt. Early Saturday, the streets of Cairo erupted in violence between protestors and security forces. The clash led […]

Lady Gaga tunes top China’s banned music list

The Chinese government recently unveiled its third list of 100 banned songs, with many famous U.S. pop artists making the list, including Lady Gaga. Six songs from the pop phenomenon’s latest album, “Born This Way,” made the list. Censorship by the Chinese government has dominated news headlines in recent years, where anything considered politically dangerous or sensitive tends […]

Egyptians have not won the battle yet

It took the people of Egypt 18 days to unseat their former leader, autocratic President Hosni Mubarak, but it will take many more before the protestors get what they want: a true democracy. The Egyptian revolution has just begun and many questions remain unanswered. Led by no one in particular, organized through social media sites […]