Mubarak maintains that he will not step down early

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak declared Thursday in the wake of increasing pressure that he had transferred all effective powers of the presidency to Vice President Omar Suleiman.  However, Mubarak maintained his previous position that he will not step down until his term officially ends in September. Earlier reports had indicated that Mubarak would indeed be […]

Speaking out

Students who protested in front of Tommy Trojan yesterday chanted “Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! Mubarak has got to go!” Tim McNally, a senior majoring in international relations, said he was rallying for his friends in Cairo. “I am here in support of the Egyptian people and their efforts to overthrow tyranny and realize freedom,” McNally […]

Unrest Not a Cause of Sustained High Oil Prices

Remember the summer of 2008, when gas averaged more than $4 a gallon, when the price of a barrel of crude was $145, and when analysts were predicting oil prices to rise even further?  Does the recent rise of oil prices above $100 a barrel – and talk of prices climbing further – make you […]