School media should avoid swaying voters

Traditionally, the Daily Trojan endorses a presidential ticket in the Undergraduate Student Government’s elections. This year, however, the editors of the Daily Trojan have opted not to endorse any of the candidates. Though an endorsement is only a recommendation, the hyper-local environment of a university makes an endorsement for student government elections more influential than […]

USG polls close, about 5,600 votes cast

An estimated 5,129 students voted online and approximately 500 voted using paper ballots for the Undergraduate Student Government elections. The polls closed at 8 p.m. Thursday, according to Juan Orjuela, Elections and Recruitment co-chair. USG hoped to get 6,000 votes, over one third of the undergraduate population. “We’re pretty happy with the numbers right now,” […]

USG is more effective than students think

If you cast a ballot for the Undergraduate Student Government elections in the last few years, you were in the minority. In 2010’s election for example, of the approximately 16,000 eligible undergraduate student voters, only about 4,550 turned up to the polls on campus or online. Overall, that’s less than one-third of the undergraduate student […]

Fadil-Mehra first candidates with video

The presidential ticket of Alex Fadil and Rohan Mehra is the first to post a video, which they did on their website today. In the one-minute video, they discuss their backgrounds at USC, their reasons for running and said their plan to make listening to students a priority. “In our time here we’ve developed a deep […]

USG campaigning already underway

Spring is almost upon us, and at USC the new season means a fresh start for Undergraduate Student Government. Already we can see campaign posters budding in the grass along Trousdale; that’s because last night at midnight the campaigns began, and the candidates for the upcoming elections were ready to disperse their fresh slogans and […]

Experts discuss elections

Panelists said they were unsure how media played a factor in the midterm elections.