Take flight with your own food options

I have been flying a lot lately. As much as I love traveling in an aerodynamic, gravity-defying machine used to transport people, I am not a fan of all the crazy rules and regulations that are mandated. More than anything, what is the deal with the expensive airport food — or, if you’re on a long […]

Urawa Reds team punishment ineffective in preventing racism

Last Sunday, gone were the loud cheers and shouts that usually echo through Japan’s Saitama Stadium at home matches. Instead, when the Urawa Red Diamonds walked out onto the field, the team was met with a deafening silence. To punish a small group of fans for hanging a “Japanese Only” banner in the stadium entranceway […]

Japan’s prime minister resigns amid continued economic problems

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan formally resigned last Friday after considerable criticism on his policies dealing with the March 11 tsunami and the subsequent crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Kan resigned under the condition that parliament approved two pieces of legislation: the deficit-financing bond bill and the new energy promotion bill. Both were passed […]

Another earthquake strikes Japan

Yet another earthquake struck Japan early Tuesday morning, killing at least six people. The 6.4 magnitude quake triggered a landslide that buried three homes in Iwaki, according to the city’s fire department. The quake was centered about 100 miles northeast of Tokyo and around 30 miles southwest of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, according to the United States Geological […]

BPA levels in canned food should make students reconsider

Cliché or not, eating food from dusty metal cans and assorted plastic containers is as endemic to college life as hangovers and cram sessions. The typical convenience-based, borderline-desperate college diet can be summed up by images of microwave-nuked Chef Boyardee and little cans of Vienna sausage. Many of these metal-can or plastic-packaged foods, however, come […]