Should medical marijuana be state or federally regulated?

Federal authorities closed a number of medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Downtown Los Angeles in September as part of an effort to cut down on the sale and use of the drug, which is legal in California for medical purposes but still considered illegal by the federal government. This month, the Drug Enforcement Administration followed up […]

Letters to the editor

Tax policy numbers don’t lie Though both candidates have claimed roles as champions of the middle class in the recent presidential debates, I thought we better look at the facts hidden in both parties’ tax policy plans. The Democratic plan extends all the current income tax rates except for the top individual rate. In other […]

Body language is important in presidential debates

Following two presidential debates, Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have been scrutinized not only for what they have said, but how they have said it. This does not refer merely to tone or volume; American viewers also take cues from a candidate’s facial expressions, movement and posture. Body language is not without significance […]

Students deserve more attention

“Mr. President, Governor Romney, as a 20-year-old college student, all I hear from professors, neighbors and others is that when I graduate, I will have little chance to get employment. Can — what can you say to reassure me, but more importantly my parents, that I will be able to sufficiently support myself after I […]

Manufacturing decline has benefits

President Barack Obama’s performance in his first debate against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was far from spirited, making the passion Obama expressed for American manufacturing stand out. In his proposed revamp of America’s corporate tax rate to improve the economy, Obama promised a big tax cut for American manufacturers, “taking it down to 25 […]