Voters must be wary of endorsements

The Seattle Times came under fire last week for running a full-page, color advertisement supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna. More than 100 Times staff members signed a protest in response and some readers called to cancel their subscriptions. Underneath the advertisement, these words were written: “Paid for by The Seattle Times Company.” News reporting is […]

Manufacturing decline has benefits

President Barack Obama’s performance in his first debate against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was far from spirited, making the passion Obama expressed for American manufacturing stand out. In his proposed revamp of America’s corporate tax rate to improve the economy, Obama promised a big tax cut for American manufacturers, “taking it down to 25 […]

Awareness of money and truth in politics is needed

Four years ago, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama’s concept of hope and change fascinated America. As a captivating politician with a new style and rhetoric, this young senator from Illinois provided a fresh outlook for the future of American politics.