‘Best-looking’ remarks opposite of sexist

As a figure upheld for his tolerance and politically correct take on the world, President Barack Obama has taken an incredible amount of heat from critics for a comment he made last Thursday at a fundraising lunch in Atherton, Calif., at the Democratic National Committee. While praising California Attorney General Kamala Harris as “brilliant,” “dedicated” […]

Faculty Authors Q&A

Aimee Bender is a professor of English in the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences. Her latest book is The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.

Subtle sexism shouldn’t go unnoticed

“No doesn’t mean maybe.” “This isn’t what love looks like.” If you’ve walked down Trousdale Parkway this week, you’ve probably seen statements like these on rows of colorful T-shirts. The display is a part of USC Take Back the Night, a week “dedicated to promoting awareness of and protesting against sexual violence,” according to the […]