Letter to the editor

’ SC apparel needs closer look Dear USC Community, As faculty on campus, our labor is valued for our expertise in our fields and our teaching.  Many students look up to us, and we help them find the paths they need to pursue professional life-long goals. But for those interested in making positive change on […]

USC must respect students’ free speech

There was an embarassing incident last Thursday when an administration employee instructed Dept. of Public Safety officers to throw three doctorate students out of an event celebrating the groundbreaking of Wallis Annenberg Hall on suspicion of being protestors. The three second-year Ph.D. communication students — Alex Leavitt, Emma Bloomfield and Marcus Shepard — were falsely […]

“USC, sweat-free”

Max Hoiland, a member of  the Student Coalition Against Labor Exploitation and a senior majoring in cinematic arts-critical studies, leads a group of students near the intersection of Hoover Street and Jefferson Boulevard on Thursday. The students were protesting against USC because some USC apparel is made in sweat shops.