Public perception does not define Court

A survey released Monday revealed a dismally low approval rating for the Supreme Court among the American public. The survey, released by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, came just days before the Supreme Court was set to begin hearing two highly anticipated cases regarding gay marriage. Though some might view […]

Voting policies require continued oversight

One might think that by year 2013, the question of whether or not people of color can vote in public elections would long have been relegated to the history books. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of the past alone. It appears that the Supreme Court is poised to strike down section five of the […]

DNA collection violates criminals’ rights

The Supreme Court agreed last week to review a case that will decide whether or not law enforcement can collect DNA samples from all people arrested for, but not yet convicted of, violent crimes. Though this might seem like a rational way to investigate and prevent crime, civil liberties advocates are concerned that this kind […]

Electoral college must be abolished

Recent predictions about the upcoming 2012 election, conducted and released by The New York Times this October, project Ohio with a 50-50 chance of deciding the election. Swing states such as Ohio have been fundamental in U.S. elections for years, but with the repeal of Citizens United — a landmark Supreme Court ruling that allows citizens […]